Friday, April 6, 2007

Newspapers thriving -- if online's counted, too

Newspaper circulations may be stagnant at best, but readership is up, according to a study released this week linking visits to newspaper web sites.

News consumers 25-to-34 years old went up more than 13 percent, says the report, tying together data from Newspaper Association of Amerca, Scarborough Research and Nielsen ratings.

Left unstated is that companies still considered newspapers are actually journalism operations, reporting and presenting content for multiple platforms. Almost all news and features acquired via Yahoo, Google or individual web pages aren't created by software engineers, computer programmers or electronics staff, but by journalists -- most of them technically employed at newspapers.

Here's a link to NAA's newspaper/web breakdown for the country's top 100 papers --

Editor & Publisher magazine has a short piece summarizing the findings--