Monday, December 15, 2008

Young columnist confesses: 'I murdered news'

Youthful syndicated columnist Brian Till on December 15 asserted that newspapers giving away their main product and service -- journalism -- can't continue.

And he did so dramatically.

"A lot of conversations I've had over the past few weeks have centered upon the American decline, not in terms of global influence and economic standing, but in terms of journalism," he wrote. "I've found myself speaking with students of the field, freelance writers and grayed reporters, all of us solemnly reflecting, as if a good friend had died.

"And then something struck me," he continued. "I spend hours a day reading news, digging into any paper I can find, from Lebanon's Daily Star to the Buenos Aires Herald, but I've only purchased about a dozen American papers in the last year.

"I, I realized, am the murderer of news."

Each of us are "free riders " -- and fail to see how we've contributed to the stress, if not death, of U.S. newspapers, he adds, and charging a reasonable fee for information is an answer.

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