Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Newspapers will be around for a long time'- Foreman

In the Illinois Press Association's monthly Presslines publications, Champaign News-Gazette publisher John Foreman pens a succinct defense of the Chicken Little outlook on newspapers.

"As recently as two months ago – on Feb. l, to be exact – more people read a newspaper than watched the Super Bowl," Foreman writes. "And as long as we’re on the subject, while not as many people may have been talking about the newspaper advertising the next day, a much higher percentage actually acted on those ads, buying something based on advertising they saw in their paper. That’s another story for another day, of course. But, still in all, it wasn’t a bad performance for an institution everyone knows is dead."

Presslines adds some insightful comments from around the state, too, such as Jake Krob's piece in the Galena Gazette:“… The full story isn’t being told. The real story: We small-town papers aren’t ‘the media.’ — we’re small-town businesses working hard to make a living.”

Check out the whole guest column and accompanying "buzz" from Illinois newspaper people here --