Friday, August 27, 2010

Singer here last Fall ailing, needs help

Anne Feeney, the troubadour, labor activist and citizen journalist who performed with David Rovics on campus last October and locally in a benefit for WTND radio last April, has been hospitalized with a lung tumor and is undergoing tests to find out what can be done.

Regardless of doctors' advice, the recording artist faces months of lost income and is welcoming donations -- of no more than $50.

"I really don't want any larger donations," she says on her web site. "I have enough dear friends who are doing okay that those of you who are struggling shouldn't spend a second worrying about my finances."

Still, the selfless woman is in need, so if you appreciated her music and attitude last year, please consider letting her know -- and include a few bucks if you're able.

Mail to Anne Feeney, 2240 Milligan Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15218.

Her web site is and her blog is