Friday, April 13, 2012

Web revenue to rise 21% this year

Local online advertising is expected to grow 21.3% in 2012, to reach around $20 billion, according to a new Borrell Associates report out this month. That’s on top of 20.6% growth in 2011.

"The commerce-focused 'pureplays' continue to dominate the local online ad scene, with a 46% share of the market, according to Borrell," reports Eric J. Smith for NetNewsCheck.

Newspapers are second at 25%.

Reviewing digital ad revenue from more than 5,700 media companies to compile its report, Borrell found that the average newspaper site also made nearly $2.2 million online last year, outpacing the average TV station’s take of $858,000. Radio sites lagged far behind, with an average of $445,000 in Web revenue.