Friday, October 10, 2008

Education should be active, not passive

Here's a short post by a young journalist named Luke on the interesting site "Tomorrow;'s News, Tomorrow's Journalists," part of the web site that features young journalists and journalism students' thoughts:

My ideal journalism job

"Well, at this stage I am trying to be as flexible as possible in my training, and to learn as many different aspects of the job as possible, thus allowing me more options when I graduate, but I think that a number of different roles could be ‘ideal’ for me.

"I’m not sure if such positions exist but my ideal job would contain these aspects:
*Variety. Changing situations to face each day, being trapped in a boring ’same thing every day’ job will actually drive me insane.
*New technology. My heart is more in the new media side of journalism. Blogging, RSS, innovating, mash-ups and breaking new ground really appeal to me.
*Working with people. Meeting people and communicating is the probably best part of my day (especially at the pub :D).
*Images/Video. I’m just a picture and video kind of guy. Not that print doesn’t rock my boat, but I love using multimedia to tell a story. I just think it’s more effective.
*Being part of a team. I like being a go-to guy, to have specific expertise and to utilise it in a team environment. But also, you need to know what the rest of the team is doing as well.
*Lots of money. Hahahaha. Yes, I know. If we’re going to say our ideals we might as well shoot for the moon. But I think we should be paid a good sum, as it can be a very stressful and involved job.

"I’m going to call that short and sweet."