Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feb. 1 deadline for paid legislative internship

Students interested in a paid internship working for the Illinois State Legislature should starting collecting their thoughts and material for applying before the program's February 1 deadline.
*Interns receive a stipend of $2,026 per month with health insurance included.
* Interns earn 8 graduate credits in political studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield.
* Interns work as legislative staff with either the partisan staffs of the Illinois General Assembly or the Legislative Research Unit.

Interning with the Illinois Legislature prepares interns for a variety of career paths. Interns work closely with seasoned professionals in the unique environment of the State legislature.
* Interns provide research and analytical support to committee leaders and members.
* Interns analyze agency budgets and take part in crafting the state budget.
* Interns handle press and newsletters for assigned legislators.
* Interns gain personal access and build relationships with legislators, lobbyist and other state contractors.

Interning with Legislative Research Bureau primarily prepares interns for research career paths, while working with seasoned legal and communication professionals.
* Interns gain legal research skills.
* Interns respond to research requests from state legislators.
* Interns help write official state documents and resources.

Upon completion of the program, interns pursue a number of professional avenues.
* Interns are offered full-time positions on a legislative staff.
* Interns pursue careers in public policy with a state agency or lobbying firm.
* Interns pursue law degrees.
* Interns continue their educational pursuits.

The Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program has a 35-year history and is considered one of the top internship programs in the United States.
* Applicants must complete their undergraduate degree by September 1, 2009.
* Applicants with advanced degrees are preferred.
* Applicants with a 3.0 GPA are preferred.
* Applications must be postmarked by February 1, 2009.
* Internships start August 16, 2009 and end June 30, 2010.

Application materials are available online. Check out details here --
or view the Institute's whole home page --