Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Panel to talk about newspapers

At 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 15 in the Union Sandburg Lounge, Journalism faculty Mohammad Siddiqi, Mark Butzow and Bill Knight, and Professional Writing professor Bradley Dilger will take part in "Not [Yet] The End: A Discussion about Newspapers."

The loaded title may be slanted, but the discussion may be more interesting than the conventional wisdom, which is derived from the well-publicized experiences of about 100 debt-laden major-metro daily papers in an industry of more than 1,300 operations.

"In our time 'information wants to be free,' but journalists want to be paid and shareholders want to see black ink and not red," said Mark Butzow, assistant professor of journalism at Western Illinois University. "For either of those to happen, newspapers need to make money."

Newspapers are not the only ones hurting, he added. Television newsrooms across the country are cutting back on reporters.

"The point of the panel is to address what is happening -- and what is not happening -- with newspapers in particular and news in general -- and what it all means for the future of our democracy, which, after all, is in no small part founded on the Freedom of the Press," he added.

The panel discussion is open free to the public.

Here's the complete university news release -- http://www.wiu.edu/newsrelease.sphp?release_id=7208